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Healthy Catering in Orange County is Here!

Finally, what we've all been waiting for: a healthy catering option in Orange County! No more tasteless mini sandwiches or messy canapes, Green Tomato Grill has got all your catering needs covered with delicious and nutritious meals and small bites for any time of the day. We cater for all events from office parties to private parties, and offer healthy catering with vegetarian and paleo options too.

Healthy Catering

Sometimes the food at events is satisfying for a moment, but soon after guests are hungry again. With our healthy catering options, our menu will leave you and your guests satisfied. Our healthy catering in Orange County offers the body nourishment that lasts.

Healthy Vegetarian Catering

We have something great cooking in the kitchen for your vegetarian guests! Green Tomato Grill has the best healthy vegetarian catering, with choices that will leave your vegetarian guests content and energized.

Healthy Paleo Catering

Paleo-friendly options are almost non-existent at some events. Green Tomato Grill's healthy catering offers a plethora of paleo items. The paleo-friendly meals and snacks that we offer are anything but generic— we strive to make sensational healthy catering in Orange County with paleo-friendly food.

From private parties to special events, we offer the best healthy catering in Orange County. At Green Tomato Grill we pride ourselves on making appetizing bites and delectable meals for everyone, no matter the occasion. We make it our priority to cater to all dietary restrictions and choices.


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