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Organic Fast Food for Any Diet Type

Millions of Americans eat at fast food restaurants daily, consuming chemicals, saturated fats and nutritionally barren meals at alarming rates. Although we understand the convenience of these readily-available eateries, we have a better solution for obtaining fast, affordable and convenient sustenance— Green Tomato Grill’s selection of primarily organic fast food.

Organic fast food

We have healthy, nutritious options available for every diet type that can help residents of Orange County escape the vices of traditional fast food:

The Best Selection Among Gluten-Free Restaurants

Our comprehensive menu boasts primarily gluten-free options throughout, from our breakfast menu to our protein bowls and everything in between. If something isn’t already gluten-free, it can typically be made so upon request. Whether you have a gluten allergy or just want to cut back on your intake, our menu has gluten-free options that are sure to satisfy.

Numerous Options for Plant-Based Diets

You’ll find vegetarian and vegan options throughout our menu, including our seasonal specials. Many of the items we make come with your choice of protein, which includes crispy tofu and avocado— a great substitute if you’re trying to cut back on meat or want to remove it from your diet altogether. We guarantee that the plant-based organic fast food options available at our gluten-free restaurants are filling, nutritious and will easily fuel your day.

Accommodating Specialized Diets

We come across a lot of patrons who are on specialized diets to help meet their fitness goals— that’s a big part of the reason we included our paleo and keto menu. Choose between two protein bowls with your choice of protein (grilled chicken, grilled salmon, pork or avocado), our Greek salad or our delicious grass-fed burger.

Sustainable and Healthy Organic Fast Food

Green Tomato Grill takes pride in offering healthy, affordable and sustainable food to members of our community. Although our gluten-free restaurants are not 100% organic, we source our ingredients locally and try to bring in as much organic food as possible.

View our menu to get started.


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