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Where to Find the Best Catering in Orange County

There’s a reason Green Tomato Grill offers the best catering in Orange County! Our selection of affordable, healthy, fast and organic food is the perfect option for any event, whether casual or formal.

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Here’s an overview of our upgraded catering services:

Any Meal, Any Time

Healthy breakfast catering in Orange County has never been more accessible! Our expanded catering menu boasts a selection of breakfast burritos, muffins, parfaits, scrambles, hashes and more. Have a picky eater or allergy requests? Our breakfast caterers are happy to accommodate.

Our healthy, fast and organic food options extend to midday and evening meals as well. When you order our dinner or lunch catering in Orange County, choose from a selection of hearty protein bowls, delicious wraps, fresh salads and appetizing sides that are sure to satisfy.

Visit our page to get started with the best catering in Orange County.

Your Choice for Portion Sizes and Styles

Ordering the best healthy catering in Orange County now includes options for large, buffet-style portions or individually packaged meals that are perfect for accommodating special dietary needs such as food allergies.

Our buffet-style menu indicates the portion sizes— small typically serves up to six people, while large feeds double the amount. Of course, our individual orders provide one easily customizable portion for selective eaters or specialized diets.

What Events Do We Cater?

The short answer— any! Our breakfast caterers have woken up the office with fresh burritos and breakfast potatoes. Our dinner and lunch catering services in Orange County have served sports teams after spirited wins, conference lunches for midday pick-me-ups and open houses to wow the public.

Whether your team, staff or guests are health conscious or have dietary restrictions, we provide options that will satisfy any palate.

Order the Best Catering in Orange County

Our selection of healthy, fast organic food catering is available for any meal! Whether you’re looking for breakfast catering in Orange County or are hoping to impress your team for lunch or dinner, our expanded options are the perfect choice for any gathering.

Visit our catering page to learn more or place an order.


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