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All sauces and dressings are vegan & gluten free

Chipotle Aioli_clipped_rev_1.png

Sriracha Aioli

Green Tomato Grill's chipotle aioli sauce made from scratch.

Thai Peanut_clipped_rev_1.png

Thai Peanut

Green Tomato Grill's Thai Peanut sauce made from scratch.

Chipotle BBQ_clipped_rev_1.png

Chipotle BBQ

Green Tomato Grill's chipotle BBQ sauce made from scratch.

Habanero Fire_clipped_rev_1.png

Habanero Fire

Green Tomato Grill's habanero fire sauce made in-house from scratch.

Vegan Ranch_clipped_rev_1.png

Vegan Ranch

Green Tomato Grill's vegan ranch sauce made in-house from scratch.



Green Tomato Grill's vegan teriyaki sauce made in-house from scratch.

Agave Lime Vin_clipped_rev_1.png

Agave Lime Vinaigrette

Green Tomato Grill's agave lime vinaigrette sauce made from scratch.

Chipotle Ranch_clipped_rev_1.png

Chipotle Ranch

Green Tomato Grill's chipotle ranch sauce made in-house from scratch.

Chipotle Ranch_clipped_rev_1.png


Green Tomato Grill's dijonaise sauce made in-house from scratch.

Greek Vin_clipped_rev_1.png

Greek Vinaigrette

Green Tomato Grill's greek vinaigrette made from scratch.



Green Tomato Grill's vegan chimichurri sauce made from scratch.

Miso Vin_clipped_rev_1.png

Miso Vinaigrette

Green Tomato Grill's vegan miso vinaigrette made from scratch.

Chile Verde_clipped_rev_1.png

Chile Verde

Green Tomato Grill's chile verde sauce made from scratch.

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