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Healthy Takeout is Gaining Popularity as People Try to Shed Pandemic Pounds

Most of us have had a tough time during the pandemic trying to maintain some kind of structure and lifestyle. Green Tomato Grill is a great option to consider while trying to restore order. We offer convenient and healthy takeout to improve your diet and ultimately shed pandemic pounds.

Start a New Routine

Getting into a routine is not a new tactic to tackle your day but it is definitely one that makes your day easier! Dedicate certain times in the day to eat as a part of your routine to give your day some structure and also a meal time to look forward to. Be extra efficient by ensuring that the meals are nutritious and fulfilling. Green Tomato Grill offers healthy takeout for all meal times of the day.

Eat Healthier

Better eating habits play an important role for effective weight loss and is made easy for you at Green Tomato Grill. No need to hassle with meal prep and cleaning the kitchen; we have plenty healthy takeout options that will kick your metabolism into action. Our healthy takeout lunch choices will also fuel your body throughout the day longer than highly processed fast food would. The more fuel your body has the better your chances at shedding any pesky pounds.

We are conveniently open from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 9pm on Saturday and Sunday at 3 different locations: Orange, Brea and Huntington Beach. Enjoying regular breakfast smoothies, quick wraps for lunch or a comforting soup for dinner will consistently provide your body with vitamins and minerals it needs to fend off any unwanted fat.

As we try recover from the pandemic it can be challenging sticking to a regular schedule or making time to eat well-balanced meals. Luckily, Green Tomato Grill is open from breakfast to dinner time every day and offers the best healthy takeout meals in California with all the taste and no guilt.


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