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Healthy Vegan Takeout is Easier to Find Than You Think

Veganism has steadily gained popularity over recent years so naturally; healthy vegan takeout is in higher demand. At Green Tomato Grill we have made it our mission to satisfy vegans and vegetarians with delicious, healthy vegan takeout. With Green Tomato Grill's locations in Brea, Orange and Huntington Beach, healthy vegan food is easy to come by.

Why Choose Vegan Food?

At Green Tomato Grill we understand why veganism is becoming more popular— vegan food promotes heart health, gut health and is processed well by the human body, producing more energy for the day. Our healthy vegan takeout options are available to anyone, no matter your diet, so that everyone can reap the benefits of healthy vegan food.

Where to Find Vegan Food

Green Tomato Grill makes healthy food for a purpose: we want our customers to feel content and energized after a meal and know that delicious food that’s full of nutrients is not hard to find. We offer many appetizing vegan options available at all our locations.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy breakfast burrito, a char burger for lunch or a vegan chowder for dinner, we have options for every taste. Ordering vegan takeout has never been easier! Take a look at our healthy vegan takeout menu in some of the most popular locations around California


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