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5 Healthy Takeout Dinner Options Your Family is Sure to Love

Healthy takeout dinner to the rescue! Even if we love cooking, sometimes the last thing we want to do is make a mess in the kitchen or take the time to shop and prepare a meal. That’s where readymade meals, leftovers and food delivery often step in. Unfortunately, most food made by restaurants (especially fast food) is notoriously oily, unhealthy and often bland.

At Green Tomato Grill we pride ourselves on making dinner quick, easy and delicious with healthy takeout options. Here are the family favorites:

Stews and Soups

We have the perfect healthy takeout to keep warm and nourished during the upcoming winter months. Our chicken curry stew is a flavorsome yellow curry with coconut milk and a side of slaw and rice. If that’s not your thing we have plenty of other options— our tomato bisque, chipotle corn chowder and green chile pork stew make a perfect meal or side.

Bowls On Bowls

If you are new to healthy takeout, our delicious and comforting bowls are a safe bet that everyone in the family will love. All bowls are available with your protein of choice— you can choose between chicken, avocado, grilled salmon, steak or crispy tofu.

Hearty Salads

This might be the healthiest section of our healthy takeout selection. Our salads are made to satisfy and satiate. We have some classics on offer such as a Caesar’s salad or something a bit more adventurous like a Thai salad.

Burgers and Melts

If your family is up for a substantial meal, browse our burgers and melts section for tonight’s healthy takeout dinner. We have what you’re feeling, from pulled pork on a melt to a Beyond Meat vegan burger.

Kids Choices

Our healthy takeout includes a kids menu for those with smaller appetites. Choose from an uncomplicated burger, cheesy quesadilla or a little rice bowl with some veggies and protein of choice.

Ordering in might seem like the easy way to get out of making a lavish, home-cooked meal, but we believe the only thing dinner time should lack is dirty dishes. Healthy takeout is the perfect solution to an easy yet nutritious dinner time. We make wholesome, vitamin-packed, flavorful food for the whole family to enjoy. Check out our menu and order now!


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