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Green Tomato Grill's Signature Dishes for Lunch Catering in Orange County

At Green Tomato Grill, we believe that lunch catering in Orange County should be more than just a meal; it should be an experience that excites your taste buds and nourishes your body. Whether you're planning a corporate meeting, a special event or a casual gathering, we have a range of options to satisfy your cravings and dietary preferences.

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Let's take a closer look at some of our standout healthy food catering offerings:

Protein Bowls: Fueling Your Day with Flavor and Nutrition

With our filling protein bowls, you get to choose your protein (grilled chicken, crispy tofu, avocado, grilled steak or grilled salmon) and then pair it with one of our signature bowls, like our Chile Verde, Mediterranean, Teriyaki, Thai Peanut, and more! They're healthy, hearty and sure to satisfy.

Read our customer reviews to see why we boast some of the best catering services in Orange County.

Signature Wraps: Portable Delights for On-the-Go

Our signature wraps are the embodiment of convenience and taste. We offer three exceptional options: the customer-favorite Thai Wrap, our delicious Greek Wrap and our classic Ranch Wrap. Select your protein, and we'll wrap it in a chipotle tortilla with a delicious medley of fresh ingredients, bringing you a burst of flavor in every bite.

Learn more about our lunch catering in Orange County.

Salads: Fresh, Flavorful and Fully Customizable

For those looking to keep your healthy food catering on the lighter side, our salad options are just the ticket. Choose from our array of salads— House, Miso, Southwest, Thai, and Greek— and pair them with your preferred protein. We'll ensure your salad is packed with fresh, crisp ingredients and topped with the protein of your choice, making it a balanced and satisfying meal.

Delicious Sides: The Perfect Complement

Complement your main course with our delectable signature sides. Whether you're in the mood for a crunch or a dip, we've got you covered. Our crispy chickpeas and crispy cauliflower provide that delightful crunch, while our hummus with veggies or flatbread offers a delightful dip to keep your taste buds entertained.

Order Lunch Catering in Orange County

Our delicious and affordable healthy food catering allows you to customize any order to meet specific dietary requests. We offer the convenience of our group order catering for individually packaged meals, or you can enjoy our classic buffet catering.

Ready to order some of the best catering in Orange County? Visit our catering page today!


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