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Healthy Food Delivery Options for Every Diet

Are you having trouble finding healthy food delivery or takeout meals? Most restaurants don’t cater to dietary restrictions or prioritize health food, and when they do the options tend to be limited.

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Green Tomato Grill was founded with this in mind— we were built around the core principles of service fast, healthy, affordable and sustainable food for any diet. Our healthy food takeout and delivery in Orange county boasts more than 50 fresh and unique menu items for plant lovers, low carb and gluten-free devotees alike.

Vegan & Vegetarian

Whether you’re new to eating meatless or have a refined plant-based palette, our options are guaranteed to satisfy. We have vegan and vegetarian items marked throughout our menu, whether you’re looking for breakfast, wraps, bowls, burgers, soups or a quick snack.

Paleo & Keto

Paleo and Keto diets are making strides in the industry, but businesses are failing to keep up with the movement. Our paleo and keto menu offers your choice of protein with any option, and of course, like the rest of our menu, is made fresh to order.


Whether by choice or for health purposes, gluten-free diets are certainly here to stay— even if the options usually aren’t. Studies have shown the many benefits of shifting to a gluten-free or reduced diet, which is something we took into consideration when carefully constructing our menu. Our inclusive selection of gluten-free items can be found throughout every section of our menu.

Healthy Food Delivery with Green Tomato Grill

You can have our fresh, made-from-scratch food at the touch of a button—Green Tomato Grill works with Postmates, Doordash and Grubhub to make sure that your healthy takeout meals arrive at your door fresh and ready to satisfy.

Specialized diets should never feel like an inconvenience— at Green Tomato Grill, they’re a priority. Visit our website today to browse our menu, learn more about us or place an order.


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