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Our Top Catering Selections if You're Hosting a Vegan Event in Orange County

Planning a vegan event in Orange County? Whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, birthday party, or any special occasion, we at Green Tomato Grill are excited to offer a delicious array of vegan-friendly options that are sure to satisfy everyone's palate. Our healthy vegan restaurant is committed to quality and flavor and ensures that every dish, from salads to wraps and beyond, can be customized to meet your plant-based preferences!

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Customizable Vegan Options

We understand the importance of catering to diverse dietary needs. While not every item on our menu is labeled as vegan, many can easily be adapted to suit vegan diets. Simply request crispy tofu or avocado as your protein, customize the rest of your meal, and enjoy! Additionally, most of our sauces and dressings are vegan-friendly, enhancing your meal with vibrant flavors without compromising your dietary choices.

For those seeking specifically labeled vegan dishes, we proudly present some of our standout options:

Vegan Char Burger

Indulge in our Beyond Meat vegan burger, complemented with vegan cheddar cheese, grilled onion, grilled mushroom, arugula, tomato, pickle, and a delectable vegan dijonnaise, all nestled within a sesame bun. This burger is a crowd-pleaser at our healthy vegan restaurant that promises both taste and satisfaction.

House Salad

Dive into a refreshing blend of fresh mixed greens, paired with onion, tomato, cucumber, and hearty chickpeas. Customize your salad with your choice of vegan dressing to elevate this classic dish to new heights of flavor.

Order vegan catering in Orange County today!

Crispy Cauliflower Bites

Treat your guests to our irresistible crispy cauliflower bites, adorned with sesame seeds and green onion. These bites are served with vegan ranch and buffalo sauce, offering a delightful combination of crunch and savory goodness.

Order For Your Next Vegan Event in Orange County

At our healthy vegan restaurant, we prioritize quality and culinary creativity. Each dish is crafted with care, ensuring that vegan options are not just a necessity, but a highlight of your event. Our commitment to using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients means you can enjoy your meal with confidence, knowing it's both delicious and made with integrity.

Order online to experience the Green Tomato Grill difference and elevate your next event with our top catering selections. We look forward to serving you!


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