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The Benefits of Eating Healthy Food

Why should we be eating healthy food? There are numerous positive impacts that healthy food and balanced meals have for our bodies and minds. Investing in healthy eating patterns can help you get a good night’s sleep, fight disease and keep you happy. Here are some reasons explained:

Battle fatigue and boost your mood

Foods with a high glycemic load such as fizzy drinks, bread and biscuits have been found to trigger symptoms of depression and fatigue whereas healthy food such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains have a significantly lower glycemic load meaning you have more energy throughout the day. Grabbing a delicious and healthy breakfast with our gluten-free options from Green Tomato Grill can prepare you for the day ahead!

Fight diseases

The presence of free radicals in our bodies can increase the risk of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. However, consuming foods which contain antioxidants help to significantly reduce free radicals in the body. We should aim to include 50% fresh and healthy ingredients in each meal. This is easy to find in our tasty salad menu as well as our gluten-free options.

Better focus!

Keeping up with work and adjusting to constant changes during these times can be a challenge. Filling your body with nutrients makes it easier for your mind to focus on the task at hand. Grabbing a quick, healthy wrap at Green Tomato Grill will fuel you for the day or taking a break to savor a healthy lunch can satisfy both body and mind.

Glowing complexion

Regularly having a healthy salad from Green Tomato Grill can improve your skin. Making the change from processed foods to whole, healthy foods can nourish and protect your skin. Some healthy foods have proved to maintain elasticity in the skin and protect it against premature signs of aging.

Everyone can benefit from a healthy breakfast and there is plenty of motivation to enjoy a healthy lunch. Creating sustainable and healthy eating habits does not require a lot of effort – we offer you the most wholesome and delicious meals for takeaway and delivery in Orange County.


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