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Where to Find the Best Plant-Based Lunch Catering in Orange County

Are you looking for delicious and wholesome plant-based lunch catering options in Orange County? We’ve got you covered. In a region known for its vibrant food scene, Green Tomato Grill’s variety and quality stand out among the rest.

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Here’s why:

A Healthy Vegan Restaurant in Huntington Beach, Brea and Orange

We don’t limit our options to just salads— our health-conscious menu boasts a variety of options for plant-based diets. Our wraps, salads and protein bowls come with your choice of vegan protein (crispy tofu or avocado) along with healthy toppings and our vegetarian and vegan sauces.

Our chef’s specials offer a selection of plant-based meals, marked accordingly on the menu. And of course, don’t miss out on our crispy cauliflower bites for a healthy appetizer that’s sure to satisfy the crowd.

Choose Your Style for Lunch Catering in Orange County

Along with our diverse menu, we also offer convenient choices for the catering type that best suits your needs. Our buffet-style catering provides large-portioned trays serving anywhere from 8-14 guests per dish.

Our group order catering provides individually packaged meals that are perfect for accommodating food allergies and individual dietary needs. Customize any catering meal according to your needs, and be sure to tell us about any special requests— our healthy vegan restaurants in Huntington Beach, Brea and Orange are happy to accommodate.

Green Tomato Grill’s Mission

Our goal is to serve healthy, fast, fresh and affordable meals to every resident of Orange County. Whether you’re looking to cater corporate meals, sports parties or other events, our practices promote sustainability, inclusivity and overall quality.

Our chefs are consistently seeking out ways to provide healthier, tastier and more sustainable food that’s accessible to everyone in Orange County.

Getting Started with Lunch Catering in Orange County

We have a healthy vegan restaurant in Huntington Beach, Brea and Orange.

Place a catering order from any of our locations to get started.


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