We keep it simple – good food, made from scratch every day, with lots of veggies.  This is fast food with integrity, nothing made with preservatives or things we can't pronounce.  Our goal is to ensure our guests get a fast and      wholesome meal at a fair price. We source our products locally, and only purchase from the most      reputable farms and vendors in California.  We even use organic cleaning supplies and biodegradable products to decrease our carbon footprint. Every entrée on our menu has a wholesome balance of protein, vegetables and grains (although the tofu salad will be lower in calories than the cheeseburger – shocking we know!).  We hope this nutritional info helps you make good menu selections.  If you have any question, our staff is well trained to assist you. We love feedback!  Our menu has evolved because of great ideas from our customers so let us know what you'd like to see at GTG!

GTG is one of the few restaurants in the country that can prepare every entrée and side dish gluten free!  Even our flatbreads, burger buns and tortillas are available in gluten free as well as wheat-based varieties.   Our kitchen staff recognizes the importance of special dietary requirements and is well trained to create safe and healthy choices for our customers who prefer non-wheat-based options.   For your good health, we ask that you always notify the cashier of your gluten free requirements.  


We also have a 100% gluten free bakery!  None of our baked goods are ever made with wheat flour!  

Good news!  Our vegan menu gets bigger every year and we are excited about some (super secret) new entrees coming soon. Although many of our dishes include real meat, it's our philosophy to respect and accommodate all dietary needs.  Any entrée can become vegan by substituting vegetable-based protein such as tofu, avocado, or beyond meat.  Many of our sauces are vegan, and vegan buns, flatbreads and cheeses are also available.  Please always be sure to notify our cashier of your vegan requirements. 

We are happy to share our recipes to help our customers make more informed nutrition decisions.  We are proud to be a scratch kitchen and keep no secrets about the ingredients in our dishes! For our customizable dishes, the lowest calorie value assumes no addtional protien added.  The high value is our highest caloric protein added.

There are easy ways to lower your calories per entree too!  Ordering a rice bowl with "half rice" will take out about 100 calories.  You can also cut some calories by ordering the dish with sauce on the side.

  • Teriyaki Bowl   507-709 

  • Chile Verde Bowl   407-609

  • Barbecue Bowl  491-693

  • Thai Peanut Bowl  605-807

  • Chimichurri Bowl  741-943

  • Miso Bowl  466-668

  • Mediterranean Bowl  870-1072

  • Greek Wrap  431-633

  • Ranch Wrap  551-753

  • Thai Wrap  535-737

  • Thai Salad  304-506

  • Southwest Salad  594-796

  • Greek Salad  532-734

  • Miso Salad 468-670

  • PK Chimichurri Bowl  454-656

  • PK Mediterranean Bowl  547-749

  • PK Greek Salad  536-738

  • Chicken  229

  • Steak  232

  • Salmon 226

  • Avocado  161

  • Tofu 141

  • Poke Bowl  822

  • Greek Chicken Melt  858

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Melt  958

  • Chimichurri Chicken Melt  1098

  • CK's Fish Taco  641

  • Vegan Burger  516

  • Grass Fed Griller  634

  • PK Grass Fed Griller  510

  • Green Pork Stew  745

  • Chicken Curry  880

  • Vegan Curry  710

  • Soyrizo Burrito 718

  • Green Pork Burrito  943

  • Sausage Burrito  998

  • Protein Scramble  509

  • Southwest Scramble  1045 

  • Vegan Scramble  444

  • Chilaquiles  794

  • CK's Breakfast Tacos  920