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Communities are Supporting Local Restaurants & Healthy Food Delivery is Thriving During Covid-19

Most Californian's have always been fans of healthy food delivery, but now they are showing support to their local restaurants since the pandemic has progressed in California. Many healthy food delivery services & restaurants are contributing to front line workers, people in the community recognize this and are showing their support by supporting local restaurants.

Another reason to support local healthy restaurants is that it also allows you to support local farmers. Simply put, smaller, regional restaurants are much more likely to buy their ingredients from local farms. This means you get to truly eat local, in more ways than one. You will also find that local restaurants offer you more ways to eat organic.

Healthy food delivery is increasing in popularity during the pandemic. More consumers say they are eating more plant-based food in general, with nearly three in 10 increasing their consumption of plant proteins in the last year. Other plant-based categories are also seeing more consumption, with almost a quarter of consumers having more plant-based dairy, and 17% eating more plant-based meat. Although these increases in consumption of plant-based alternatives are not huge, the two categories that consumers are eating much less of are red meat and dairy.

Delivery services are now offering a no contact delivery option for all orders, meaning your delivery person will drop off your order off at a location of your choice. Contact will be nonexistent so the health and safety of the customer is prioritized. Many local healthy restaurants are available on Doordash, Grubhub, and Postmates, so you have the benefit of supporting local restaurants and keeping the community healthy.

So the next time you need to order out for some healthy food, seek out a local Green Tomato Grill and see what our menu has to offer! We have healthy food options for every diet type and have no contact delivery, take-out and patio dine-in at all three locations!


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