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Curious About Eating Gluten-Free Food? Here Are Some Facts

There are many reasons why people from athletes to homeopathic doctors suggest cutting out gluten and trying healthier gluten-free food. Giving gluten-free food a try is something worth exploring even if we don’t intend to commit to the diet. You might experience many positive changes— more energy throughout the day, better skin and supple joints.

gluten free food

Foods High in Gluten

The most surprising thing about gluten is that although it is a natural substance, the highest quantities are found in processed foods and drinks. Examples of high-gluten food include bread, pasta, cereal, beer and baked goods such as cookies and cakes. Adjusting to gluten-free food might feel like you’ll have to give up all your favorite foods, but there are delicious substitutes and recipes for healthy gluten-free food. Green Tomato Grill’s menu boasts a range of gluten-free items so you don’t have to miss out at mealtime.

Avoiding Lethargy

Gluten is mostly found in processed foods. Processed food is saturated with chemicals that our body doesn’t recognize and can’t digest efficiently. Eating foods that contain gluten could make you feel lethargic afterward. This feeling after a meal could interrupt your entire day, even if you’re caught up on sleep otherwise. Trying gluten-free food could help curb this post-meal sluggish feeling.

No More Bloating

Some people experience bloating after meals, which may be from certain foods that contain high amounts of gluten. Trying gluten-free food can help you feel light after a meal and diminish excessive bloating.

More Energetic

If you wake up feeling tired or suffer from fatigue, gluten-free food could be the way to gain more energy throughout the day. With gluten-free food, you are getting a wide variety of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from unprocessed whole foods. Healthy gluten-free food may help you discover the feeling of waking up with more energy and maintaining your liveliness throughout the day.

Check Out Our Gluten-Free Menu

Are you ready for more pep in your step and less bloating? We offer catering, takeout and delivery in Orange, Brea and Huntington Beach— check out our gluten-free menu items today!


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