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Finding Healthy Takeout in Orange County During the Pandemic

With the new year just around the corner and with stay at home orders once again in place Orange County residents are looking for healthy takeout options.

However, with Orange County moving to the state’s most restrictive purple tier under California’s coronavirus monitoring system which means prohibiting indoor dining again, finding healthy takeout isn't so easy. For example, gluten-free menu options can often be scarce or nonexistent and even when you find something that is gluten-free the sauces that go on the entree usually are not gluten-free.

One healthy eating trend that continues to gain popularity is eating gluten-free. The health benefits of eating gluten-free food have been proven in many studies so the gain in popularity is not very surprising. Almost 30 percent of Americans say they’re interested in avoiding or cutting back on gluten in their diet, according to consumer research firm NPD Group.

That's why when we created the Green Tomato Grill Menu we made sure not only to offer healthy, gluten-free takeout options along with paleo, keto, vegan and vegetarian options but we also made sure that almost all of our sauces are gluten-free and we also made sure to have vegan sauces available. Now healthy takeout in Orange County isn't so hard to find!

Now you can enjoy healthy takeout in Orange County while still staying on track with your health goals and get a head start on your new years resolution!


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