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Hitting the Five Food Groups With Green Tomato Grill's Menu

Eating a balanced diet will help increase energy levels, supply necessary nutrients to the body and promote overall health and well-being. Green Tomato Grill offers a selection of healthy food in Brea, Orange and Huntington Beach that hits every food group.

Healthy Food Brea

Here’s how you can obtain the nourishment your body needs through our menu:


Luckily, our entire menu is centered around veggies, from our breakfast items to our sides and sauces— in fact, many of our sauces are vegetable-based. Our salads are a great way to get a nutritious overload, with options that include artichoke, cucumber, mixed greens, beans and other hearty selections.


Starting your day off with fruits can boost your metabolism, stimulate your digestive tract and offer a number of additional health benefits. Green Tomato Grill’s breakfast menu boasts fruit-filled overnight oats, our fruit and berry parfait and gluten-free Belgian waffles— all topped with healthy superfruits to kickstart your morning.

You can stop for by healthy takeout meals or order delivery for healthy food in Brea, Huntington Beach and Orange.


Healthy proteins help fortify bones and muscles, regulate hormones and digest food through enzyme production. Adults should be consuming 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Luckily, much of our menu is centered around your choice of protein— choose between grilled chicken, crispy tofu, avocado, grilled steak or salmon and pork.


Grains are an essential source of nutrients that assist in healthy physical functionality. We have a range of menu items perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner that provide a healthy daily serving of this much-needed food group. Check out our protein bowls that offer the ideal combination of grains, vegetables and proteins.


Dairy is another requirement for a well-balanced diet but it’s not the only way to add potassium, calcium and vitamin D to your roster— dark greens, Greek Yogurt, tofu and beans are great alternatives to get the nutrients you need. Many of our menu items offer these dairy alternatives.

Healthy Food in Brea, Orange and Huntington Beach

Green Tomato Grill prides itself in offering fresh, healthy, sustainable and affordable food to the community. Order healthy takeout meals or delivery through Doordash, GrubHub and Postmates.


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