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How Eating a Paleo Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

Paleo food is a diet of unprocessed, whole foods that we would’ve found in the wilderness as hunter-gatherers. Healthy paleo food is known to have several health benefits, including being an excellent aid for those on a weight loss journey or someone looking for a diet to maintain their healthy weight. Here’s how paleo food can help you lose weight:

Whole Foods, Full Stomach

Preservatives and emulsifiers are synthetic compounds commonly found in processed foods that our body doesn’t recognize and struggles to digest. After eating, you might feel hungry again after 30 minutes! Healthy, whole paleo food keeps you full for longer, meaning you don’t have to eat as often. The simple choice to go for paleo takeout options rather than fast food gives us a chance to feel satisfied for longer.

Listening to Your Real Hunger

Paleo food can help with your bodily functions such as easing irritable bowel syndrome symptoms and ghrelin production and release. This means that your brain receives the ‘hungry signal’ when you are actually hungry and need more calories for fuel. Learning to recognize when you’re hungry and not just craving is a useful skill to lose or maintain weight so that overeating and unnecessary snacking is avoided.

More Protein, Fewer Carbs

A healthy diet in combination with regular and consistent exercise means that your body will benefit particularly well from healthy paleo food. When you’re exercising, your body needs more proteins and fewer carbs. Proteins might slow down ghrelin levels keeping your hunger at bay for longer. The paleo diet is well suited for this lifestyle and can provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals you need. Paleo takeout options from our menu are the perfect meals pre or post-exercising.

Check Out Green Tomato Grill’s Paleo-Friendly Menu Items

After learning all the benefits of a paleo diet, you might be curious to see what the lifestyle tastes like! We offer multiple paleo-friendly menu items that will help you with a healthy weight-loss or weight maintenance journey.

View our menu for paleo-friendly catering, takeout or delivery!


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