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The Health Benefits of a Paleo Diet

Back in the day, humans ate whatever was available to them at the time. This depended on a number of factors including season and what grew in the soil and climate at their geographic location. This makes paleo food quite broad and inclusive of almost all food groups. Paleo food is whatever you could supposedly find in the wilderness such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and lean meat. Paleo food excludes all processed and refined foods such as legumes, grains, dairy and sugar. It is a simple diet that Green Tomato Grill caters well for. Here the most popular reasons people are giving the paleo diet a go:

Maintain Healthy Weight

Naturally, avoiding sugar, starchy and processed foods and unhealthy fats your body will absorb more nutrients and burn more fat. Paleo food is the perfect combination to reap the benefit of maintaining a healthy weight which in turn has many other benefits such as improved glucose tolerance, your body’s ability to regulate blood pressure and better appetite management.

Enjoy All Food Groups

The paleo diet is based on whole, unprocessed foods which you can find on Green Tomato Grill’s specialized menu for those who want to enjoy paleo food. We have both meat-based and vegetarian paleo wraps, burgers and healthy paleo salads for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Meal Planning

This benefit is for everyone but especially for those with busy days. If you have time to meal prep for the week it is easy to find a recipe that fits in the paleo diet’s flexible requirements. But, if there is not enough time to plan your meal, Green Tomato Grill has got your back. We are in locations around California and offer a variety of paleo food near you.

Oftentimes, starting a new diet can be a stressful endeavor with complicated guidelines. No need to worry about breaking the bank with paleo food or restricting other food groups, Green Tomato Grill offers the best natural and organic paleo food in California.


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