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Dining at Gluten-Free Restaurants in Orange County

An enjoyable gluten-free dining experience is determined by a number of factors, the primary of course being the gluten-free restaurant you choose. Another major factor is is the food truly gluten-free? It's easy for restaurants to make mistakes if they don't have menu that is primarily gluten-free.

Most Gluten-Free Menu's Are Limited

Some restaurants have a few gluten-free options but at most they are very limited. Finding a gluten-free restaurant near you that actually has a wide variety of gluten-free options on their menu is not an easy task even in Orange County. That's why we focused on having a massive variety of gluten-free options on our menu when we created it!

Make Sure You are ACTUALLY Eating Gluten-Free

Whether your dietary restrictions are a personal choice, you have a food sensitivity, or maybe you just don’t care for gluten. No matter which box you check if you are specifically looking for gluten-free food near you then you don't want to end up being served something that is not actually gluten-free.

Restaurants that have sauces and other menu items that aren't gluten-free end up serving something they are saying is gluten-free but is actually not quite often. The primary culprit of this problem is usually the sauces. If you have ever eaten at Green Tomato Grill, then you know that every single one of our sauces is gluten-free! That's why you can rest assured if you order something gluten-free from us it will 100% be gluten-free.


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