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Transitioning Into an Organic Diet (Without Breaking The Bank)

Eating organic helps reduce your body’s chemical intake, namely pesticides, GMOs and other harmful substances. If you’re someone who doesn’t have time to prepare meals at home, pollutant-pumped quick bites might be the norm— but there are ways to obtain affordable healthy fast organic food.

Healthy fast organic food

Here are some simple tips for transitioning into an organic diet without breaking the bank:

Start Small

Nobody expects you to overhaul your fridge, freezer and pantry to replace every item with organic food— for many, the cost of doing so isn’t feasible. Start by replacing each food item you use with the organic version until your stockpile eventually becomes primarily organic.

When it comes to items like fresh fruits, start by buying the organic versions of unprotected fruits like berries and grapes. Bananas, oranges and other items with peelable skins have a layer of protection from chemicals, so you can take your time replacing those with their organic counterparts. If you’re looking for healthy fast organic food on the go, check out Green Tomato Grill’s menu.

Find the Best Prices

Not every organic grocery store is wildly overpriced. In fact, stores like Aldi, Trader Joe’s and Costco (if you already have a membership) are great for getting the most out of your budget. Many stores also carry less expensive store-brand versions of organic products— they’ll be priced lower than comparable name-brand products.

You can also check out your local farmer’s markets to buy fresh produce directly from the source. Locally grown foods tend to use more natural farming techniques, but don’t hesitate to ask!

Healthy Fast Organic Food

Remember to always do your research— restaurants like Green Tomato Grill work hard to source as much organic produce as possible to provide our customers with fresh, nutrition-packed meals. Prioritizing these types of affordable and healthy fast food restaurants is a perfect place to get started.

Transitioning into any healthy lifestyle choice takes time, dedication and utilizing the resources available to you. Learn more about our process, or view our menu to place an order.


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