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Why Vegan Food is Gaining Popularity

Vegan food was not always in such high demand as it is now. Donald Watson from Great Britain coined the term ‘vegan’ back in November 1944. Naturally, since then more and more people each year tried out vegan food, and since 2014 the amount of people going vegan became so many that it started to have a significant impact on the food industry.

What made people want to eat vegan food so much in the last 6 years? Healthy eating is a priority for many people in the modern world. Our bodies reap many long-term health benefits when adopting this diet. Beyond veganism being good for us, there are benefits for the planet and livelihood of many animals.

How vegan food benefits us

In one vegan wrap there are plenty nutrients, antioxidants and fiber and none of the saturated and trans-fat found in animal-based products. This combination keeps your immune system thriving and ready to fight off diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart problems and obesity. We have healthy vegan breakfast available and many options for a nourishing vegan lunch!

Veganism for the planet’s wellbeing

Enjoying a vegan salad fights climate change! Animal-based food produces double the amount of greenhouse gas emissions as plant-based foods. Meat-production also requires more resources such as land, water and energy than farm land for vegan food. Almost 70% of all consumable water is used to produce animal products which is 10 times as much as is used for plant-based food production. Starting the day with a vegan breakfast is guilt-free and proactive.

Animal lovers choose vegan food

Animals used for meat and animal-based products have little to no quality of life. The more often we eat a vegan salad the less need a farmer has to produce meat products where animals suffer.

There are many reasons why a person might choose to adopt a fully vegan diet or just occasionally relish a tasty vegan wrap from Green Tomato Grill. We all want what is best for our body, the Earth and all of its inhabitants.


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