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Where Can You Find a Healthy Vegan Restaurant in Orange?

Where can you find a healthy vegan restaurant in Orange? The short answer— 1419 North Tustin Street at Green Tomato Grill! Our chef-prepared meals are made fresh to order, with options for every meal and any diet type.

Healthy vegan restaurant Orange

Here are some benefits of our vegan-friendly restaurant:

Plant-Based Options for Many Diet Types

Feeding yourself, a family or friends can be a challenge, especially when individuals have special dietary needs or restrictions. Green Tomato Grill caters to a number of different diet types, with a selection of items for meat-eaters and vegans alike.

Our inclusive menu is made-to-order, so substitutions and special requests aren’t a problem. Our goal is to serve healthy, fast, fresh food to as many people as possible with our healthy vegan restaurant in Orange.

Any Meal, Any Time

It’s imperative to fuel your body with nutritious food throughout the day, starting with a substantial breakfast. Our breakfast menu has a number of delicious items packed with fruits, veggies and protein. Half of our menu is available until 11 am, but options like our avocado toast, fruit parfait and overnight oats are served all day.

Our lunch and dinner menu boasts a selection of vegetarian and vegan food— if they’re not already marked as plant-based, most menu items can be substituted with crispy tofu or avocado as the protein. Again, special requests are encouraged at our vegan-friendly restaurant.

Order From Our Healthy Vegan Restaurant in Orange

Green Tomato Grill serves fast, affordable, healthy vegetarian and vegan food to the community. Whether you’re looking for takeout, delivery or a sit-in experience, our establishment aims to cater to every individual, regardless of their diet type or preferences.

Order from our vegan-friendly restaurant today!


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