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Green Tomato Grill Now Has Healthy Catering Options for All Diet Types

Green Tomato Grill has healthy catering options for any event, no matter what dietary preferences or allergies are in place. We aim to accommodate as many diets as possible so everyone can enjoy a meal to their taste. We specialize in healthy catering so that our meals help you feel energized throughout the day and leave you satisfied for hours during any event!

Healthy Catering Options

All of us at Green Tomato Grill believe in one thing: healthy eating. So, we became pioneers for healthy catering in the restaurant and takeout industry. Our menu boasts delicious and nutritious options for everyone from omnivores to vegetarians.

Best Vegan and Vegetarian Catering

The vegetarian diet, as well as veganism, is becoming more and more popular. Green Tomato Grill has healthy catering specifically for vegetarians and vegans. We have a great variety of tasty, healthy vegetarian catering. Check out our vegetarian and vegan options here.

Tasty Gluten-Free Catering

For those who have chosen, or rather not chosen, to eat gluten-free food you don’t have to worry about choosing from limited options on our menu. Our healthy catering extends above and beyond just the health factor: Green Tomato Grill has exciting gluten-free catering to offer as well.

Breakfast Options

We pride ourselves in healthy catering for many diet types, but also for specific meal times such as breakfast. For those having an event during breakfast time, we offer healthy catering in the morning, with meals as simple as scrambled eggs to more lavish bites like Greek yogurt parfait with fresh berries.

Anyone who moves to a certain diet is looking to make a change for the better. We know how difficult it can be to adhere to the rules or needs of any diet, especially when putting in specific orders for events. Green Tomato Grill aims to support as many people as possible in their journey by offering the best healthy catering options in California.


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