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The Benefits of Eating Healthy Takeout in Orange

When do you have the highest energy levels, least amount of bloating and feel your best? Usually when you make an active effort to sustain your body with healthy food. Green Tomato Grill offers healthy takeout in Orange for that exact reason.

healthy takeout Orange

Here are some benefits of eating at our healthy restaurant:

Why Eat Healthy Fast Food?

California residents are always on the go, and we know a lot of people find it hard to prioritize a regular, healthy meal schedule. Oftentimes, it’s easier just to drive through the closest fast food joint and grab a quick meal loaded with calories, sodium and unhealthy fats. Not to mention the way the food is prepared (we’ve all seen the documentaries).

Green Tomato Grill offers all of the convenience of fast food, including quick meals, curbside takeout and accessible locations— but we do it without the unidentifiable ingredients and nonexistent nutritional value. Our healthy takeout in Orange is fairly priced, convenient and accessible to all residents.

Nutritious Food for Any Dietary Need

Our menu is predominantly gluten-free (or can be made so upon request) and we have a number of options for every diet type. Our healthy takeout options include paleo, keto, vegan and vegetarian items. Everything on our menu is made-to-order with fresh, hearty and nutrition-packed foods that are chef-made.

We locally source as many ingredients as possible and prepare them in-house daily. All of our sauces are either vegetable or Greek yogurt-based to cater to any dietary types and restrictions. Not sure if one of our menu items is okay for your diet? We’re happy to accommodate special orders.

Convenient, Healthy Takeout in Orange

Ordering takeout is easy— select the location closest location to you, order the tastiest looking menu item that suits your dietary needs and then come inside for pickup or sit in your car and we’ll bring it to you. It’s like a drive-through, except you’re getting healthy fast food and not wasting gas while you wait.

View our menu to get started!


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