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The Best Healthy Food Delivery in Huntington Beach

Healthy food delivery in Huntington Beach doesn’t always have to be monotonous— Green Tomato Grill has made it our priority to take nutritious, healthy fast food to the next level.

healthy food delivery Huntington Beach

Here’s why you should order delivery from us:

Fresh, Intentionally Sourced Ingredients

Green Tomato Grill operates with intention— we work with our local produce providers to bring as much organic produce as possible and prepare our vegetables in-house every day. Our chefs personally source meats from the southwest region and then butcher and marinate them daily. Every item on our menu is fresh and made-to-order with intentionally sourced ingredients.

Wide Selection from an Evolving Menu

Our chef-prepared menu is primarily gluten-free and packed with a variety of options for any diet type. We see a lot of demand for vegan and vegetarian food delivery in Huntington Beach, and diets like keto and paleo are steadily gaining popularity— our goal was to fill that gap with tasty and healthy fast food delivery. Our regular and seasonal menu evolves constantly, though our customer favorites will likely remain an option long-term.

Convenient Delivery

We offer convenient healthy food delivery in Huntington Beach through Postmates, Doordash and GrubHub. That means any item off our nutrition-packed menu is available at the touch of a button! We have breakfast, lunch and dinner options, along with our seasonal menu (which now includes poke bowls).

Get Started with Healthy Food Delivery in Huntington Beach

Healthy fast food has never been more accessible! Order keto, paleo, vegan or vegetarian food delivery in Huntington Beach— or you can always stop by one of our locations for healthy takeout or dine-in.

We make sure to price our items to be accessible to all Orange County residents and visitors— you can see for yourself. View our menu to get started.


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